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Collaboration tools fueling cloud's growth

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Communications infrastructure, such as PBX and VoIP systems, housed in the cloud offer businesses significant benefits in terms of collaboration. According to a recent blog post from Forrester's Holger Kisker, cloud communications will play a major role in the technology's broad development in 2012.

When it comes to communication and collaboration in enterprise settings, the core benefit is in resource sharing. Cloud computing makes it easier to converge voice, video and data within a collaboration platform.

The problem is that, while the cloud is built on the idea of file sharing, many solutions are not inherently designed with collaboration in mind, according to the news source. This is set to change in 2012, with collaboration becoming a central part of more cloud solutions, the report said.

In many cases, unified communications can serve as an ideal solution for true collaboration in enterprise settings. UC technologies use a diverse range of communications and data-related tools to truly integrate voice, video and data capabilities into a streamlined architecture that can work well in enterprise, call center and small business settings.

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