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More small businesses moving to VoIP service

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According to a survey by leading UK voice over IP provider Telappliant, 7 out of 10 small to medium sized businesses are citing lower costs as a primary reason to migrate to VoIP service. The survey included responses from over 100 companies based in the U.K. and found that 41 percent of respondents have already deployed VoIP PBX systems, with another 25 percent planning to do so by 2013.

The two main reasons the survey cites for this adoption were to reduce telephony costs and increase flexibility and teleworking options for employees.

These trends can easily translate for small and medium businesses in the U.S. that are considering adopting VoIP business phone systems. With benefits like improved call quality, reliability and improved contact center features like call recording and conferencing, VoIP provides more benefits than legacy PBX solutions, and reduce communication costs at the same time.

According to the news source, VoIP for small business is extremely mobile as well, providing improved opportunities for professionals to work remotely or take calls from a variety of devices, rather than be tethered to the office or a specific piece of hardware.

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