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The Secret Ingredients in ShoreTel’s Value

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It’s a new record: ShoreTel received Nemertes Research PilotHouse Top Provider Award for IP Telephony for the eighth year in a row. But we’ve already told you that. So what are the secret ingredients to ShoreTel’s consistently high customer satisfaction?

Here is a peek behind the curtain at four ways that ShoreTel’s single-minded focus on brilliant simplicity drives strong business outcomes for organizations of all sizes.

Brilliantly simple architecture.
Mark Arman, vice president of business development at ShoreTel, shares: “The ShoreTel UC system was built for IP and designed for end-user ease. ShoreTel is set apart in our architecture, which is different than all of the other competitors, and that leads to a sustainable differentiator.”

With the ShoreTel UC solution, multimedia communications, enterprise applications, and personal information are brought together into one seamless, integrated environment. Customers have a consistent feature set, whether they have just a few phones or tens of thousands. Small and mid-size customers don’t have to compromise on enterprise-class IP telephony, contact center and unified communications features, but still have a system that’s easy to use and maintain.

From a user’s point of view, ShoreTel is designed for ease of use. Whether in the office, at home, or on the road, workers have the full power of communication and collaboration tools. ShoreTel Communicator is available for Web browsers, Windows, Mac OS, Citrix, iPhones, BlackBerry, and Nokia mobile phones. Workers can quickly master the full suite of tools on their computers or mobile phones, moving fluidly among voice, video and instant messaging as the need arises. Integration with CRM and other enterprise applications keeps workers productive and on task.

From an administrator’s point of view, the ShoreTel phone system looks and behaves like a single, unified platform, no matter how many sites an organization has. ShoreTel is plug-and-play, with voice switches and IP phones that are ready to go as soon as they are plugged in. IT staff can maintain the system from anywhere on the network using a browser-based administrative interface. And the system grows and scales gracefully as the organization grows – without forklift upgrades.

Whether your company has a single office or is a global conglomerate, you can be assured that ShoreTel is designed to keep your business flowing. ShoreTel’s distributed architecture and applications and N+1 redundancy are at the core of the system reliability. And if an office’s WAN connection goes out, the ShoreTel phone system will continue to place and receive calls over the public switched telephone network, ensuring that your customers’ calls get answered.

Low total cost of ownership means lasting value.
Arman shares: “ShoreTel delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. We can prove that it takes one-quarter of the time to run a ShoreTel system than Cisco CallManager. Customers can manage a multi-site implementation of ShoreTel with 80 percent less headcount than Cisco or Avaya.”

Many customers report a return on investment within a year. Companies can use ShoreTel’s unified communications tools to reduce costs by streamlining business processes, putting critical information in workers’ reach, and eliminating the need for expensive third-party conference services.

That’s why ShoreTel guarantees the lowest TCO. Customers know that when they purchase a ShoreTel UC solution, they are making the right decision.

Easy to do business with.
Arman shares: “We continue to attack complexity in our own business because we know it’s a significant cost driver.”

ShoreTel’s philosophy of brilliant simplicity extends to how the company works with the ecosystem of customers, resellers, and technology partners. Examples range from price lists that are short and sweet to product bundles that make it easy to buy.

High customer satisfaction means peace of mind.
Independent proof points – like the Nemertes PilotHouse Awards – are validation that ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple approach is spot on in a time when companies are being asked to raise their own levels of customer service but are more resource-constrained than ever.

With world-class customer satisfaction rankings, prospective customers can be confident in their decision to choose ShoreTel. That’s why so many ShoreTel customers skip the trial phase of the purchase decision, and move straight to deployment – so their workers can get productive faster.

ShoreTel’s overall score was 4.32 in the 2011 Nemertes PilotHouse Awards, above all vendors examined, including Siemens, Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Avaya.

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