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ShoreTel on the Go

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It was a pleasure to be a keynote presenter at the Mobile Health Expo last week and to have the opportunity to share the latest information on communications applications for mobile devices.

After connecting to the Caesar’s Palace WIFI network, my iPhone magically turned into my ShoreTel office phone, and I was able to place and receive calls, review my visual voicemail, and set my call routing treatments--all while talking to more than 100 people from the stage.

ShoreTel's acquisition of Agito Networks brings even more innovative technology to the ShoreTel portfolio, and kicks complexity to the curb by making mobility even easier.

Back at the conference, it was interesting to hear how many physicians cannot be reached on their cell phones in certain areas of hospitals. ShoreTel solves this by making office phone service available on any carrier network, and with any SIP-supported PBX.

This week, I'm off to the ACUTA conference to talk to the education community about how schools and colleges are taking advantage of ShoreTel's distributed architecture and easy-to-manage single image system.

I'll also be tuning into the World Series in San Francisco this Wednesday. Go Giants!

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