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Transparency - How does your company measure up?

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Recently, one of my favorite websites, Foursquare became a client of M5.  For those of you that don’t know, Foursquare is location-based social networking site which allows users to “check-in” their locations where points are awarded and badges collected.  I was even the mayor of M5 for awhile until beaten out by a fellow co-worker.  <grr>  On Monday, Foursquare reported downtime of 11 hours and released a full technical explanation as to what occurred.  I was pleasantly surprised at Foursquare’s transparency in being upfront with their foibles and faults.  It reminded me of another company in whom honesty and transparency are core values…

Two and a half years ago, I came to work at M5 Networks.  I was again surprised to find a company who wasn’t afraid to tell the truth, even it was brutal and honest.  Companies are not perfect - that’s a given but a company who openly admits that failures can occur is truly amazing. is M5’s answer to transparency.  Anyone who wants to check on our service can do so at any time and we honestly show how we are doing.  Like Foursquare, M5 believes that you can only have true customer loyalty by not hiding the occasi

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