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Why Didn’t Someone Think of This Before?

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I don’t think I’ll get much of an argument when I say that Microsoft Outlook is the world’s most popular email management application and that is the most popular CRM.  If you are like me, you use both.  A lot.  Everyday.  So, when I got a call from LinkPoint360, a firm that eliminates the disconnect between Outlook and by making it easy for users to record email exchanges in and use Contact or Lead information to send emails, my first reaction was glee.  My second was, “Duh”.  The need for this is so obvious; I wonder how I’ve survived without it for so long?

LinkPoint360 users can instantly view contact information from (or Microsoft CRM) within Outlook for each recipient of an email.  They can click-to-record the email right into contact, lead, opportunity or case and new support cases can be created directly from the email.  LinkPoint360 called me to discuss integrating M5’s click-to-dial functionality to make it easy for users to respond to a customer query via telephone without ever leaving Outlook. Our M5 Connect API made that integration easy and now, voila!  M5 customers have a complete integration between their phone, email and CRM.

If you are used to hearing a groan from your sales team whenever you bring up a new productivity tool, try showing them this.  I promise they’ll be asking, “why didn’t someone thing of this before?”

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