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Enterprise Features: Real-World Examples of APIs Being Used In Clever Ways

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APIs have been one of the most important technologies to have come out of the Web 2.0 revolution. Today, data has become a service. Most major web sites can now be hacked apart, and their components re-used and slapped together to create other sites.  M5 Networks uses APIs to connect their clients’ phone systems to their customer-relationship management (CRM) software, because it improves productivity and analytics.

The benefits are too many to count.

  • APIs have made it easier to adapt online services to mobile devices.
  • APIs have allowed fast development of highly-specialized apps for tiny niche markets.
  • Multiple APIs can be mashed together to take on a new form that was never imagined by the original content creators.
  • Security can be improved through the use of single sign-in to access multiple web sites.

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