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Premier Technologies

Premier Technologies

The Hybrid 7100 / 7600  device from Premier Technologies is intended for reliable, high quality audio distribution to multiple locations via the customer IP network.  The Hybrid On-Hold unit continuously plays MP3 audio stored in solid-state flash memory.
As a stand-alone device, the unit is connected to the music on-hold port of the ShoreTel VoIP phone system and a high-speed data (Ethernet) port.  The on-hold audio is fed into the ShoreTel system using a standard 1/8” audio cable (included). 
The Ethernet connection allows for remote access to the unit using a standard Web browser.  The built-in Web GUI allows the user to control volume, configure IP settings and load an MP3 file.


  • Upload music on-hold audio via IP network
  • Solid State playback/NAND flash memory
  • Rack mount 
  • LCD display 
  • Aluminum enclosure 


  • Network delivery of audio to multiple locations
  • Consistent centralized management of content
  • Eliminates on-site involvement for changes 
  • Cost savings by managing MOH delivery internally rather than using a third party