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Shoreline Communications Is Now ShoreTel, Inc.

Brand Initiative Formalizes Familiar Moniker and Underlines VoIP Veteran's Status as Telecommunications Innovator
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SUNNYVALE, CA, April 19, 2004 - Shoreline Communications today announced the change of its corporate name to ShoreTel, Inc. The new name is part of a corporate brand initiative that focuses on the company's leadership role as an innovator, and includes a new logo and a re-launched web site with a fresh look and feel. The changes reflect the company's rapid growth, the unveiling of a new generation of its award-winning IP voice system, the launch of a new line of specially designed IP phones and a broader push into the international market.

"While the 'Shoreline' name is reminiscent of our geographical heritage, it didn't say anything about what we do: Provide the world with enterprise telecommunications systems designed for the Internet age," states ShoreTel CEO Thomas T. van Overbeek. "The new name is a natural evolution and has the enthusiastic endorsement of our employees, business partners, and investors."

The ShoreTel moniker has always been part of the Shoreline Communications corporate identity, including its use as the company's website and domain name. "Formalizing this familiar name is a natural step," asserts Marti Smith, ShoreTel's vice president of marketing and the architect of the re-branding initiative. "The ShoreTel name clearly calls out our membership in the telecommunications industry—anywhere in the world."

Too many of today's phone systems are merely being tolerated by their users. In contrast, user testimonials demonstrate that ShoreTel5 helps enterprises gain a competitive edge.

Organizations in such diverse industries as enterprise, financial services, manufacturing, government, educational, professional services and small business now use ShoreTel Smart™ systems to collaborate across town or around the globe, conduct presentations with remote customers, set up ad hoc contact centers distributed throughout multiple regions or countries, and generally streamline operations and enhance business and customer relations.

IP telephony transcends international borders, and ShoreTel's innovative, easily implemented voice systems are starting to spill over from North America to Europe and the Asia-Pacific region with the help of ShoreTel channel partners. There are ShoreTel installations in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world, and the company is planning to open its first international office in Munich, Germany this summer.

About ShoreTel, Inc.

ShoreTel is the innovation leader in delivering IP telephony to the enterprise. The company has shipped its groundbreaking solutions since 1998 and continues to outpace the rapidly expanding VoIP market with technological advances and 100% year-over-year growth. ShoreTel voice systems are designed to make businesses smarter, setting new standards for usability and manageability while reducing telecommunications costs. A uniquely distributed architecture extends enterprise-class voice services to every office and outpost, keeping employees fully connected wherever they go. A select group of channel partners provide top-notch service and support. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

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