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Shoreline Teleworks Expands Rapidly Growing Customer Base

The CrystaLAN voice communications system is fast becoming the preferred telephony solution for companies looking for an alternative to expensive, traditional systems.
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, October 13, 1998 - Shoreline Teleworks, a leading provider of network-based voice communications systems, today announced it has been tapped to provide Instant Video Technologies (IVT) and Palo Alto Products International (PAPI) with Shoreline's innovative CrystaLAN telephony solution. IVT's Burstware patented video delivery technology brings eye-catching video and CD-quality sound to networks. PAPI, a product creation firm that specializes in enclosures for technology industries, designed the enclosure for the popular PalmPilot. They join the growing number of companies that are relying on the CrystaLAN system to help run their businesses.

The CrystaLAN voice communications system delivers advanced functionality with unprecedented ease of use by bringing the power and flexibility of data networking to voice communications systems for small and medium businesses. The CrystaLAN system makes sophisticated telephone functionality easy to use with its visual voice mail, point-and-click call control and Web-based system management. Because the CrystaLAN architecture is built around Internet Protocol (IP), the system can easily scale to accommodate new users and future generations of voice-over-IP technology and computer-based telecommunications applications.

"During the product’s design phase we were confident we had a winning, innovative solution," said John Fazio, president and CEO of Shoreline Teleworks. "The tremendous market acceptance of CrystaLAN validates that confidence and the demand for the product has been very exciting. That excitement is carrying over into the reseller community as we work with our data networking channel partners to meet the demand."

End Users’ Perspective- Easy to Use, Reliable and Complete

The company’s claims of ease-of-use and reliability are substantiated by those using the CrystaLAN system on a daily basis.

For David Morgenstein, vice president of operations for Instant Video Technologies (IVT), the ability to add users to the system in just minutes is one feature of the CrystaLAN system that helps IVT save time and money.

"The CrystaLAN system is not only very end-user friendly, but it also enables the system’s administrator to add new employees in minutes," Morgenstein said. "Moreover, with very little instruction our employees are able to immediately use the system and take advantage of many of the advanced functions."

Morgenstein said IVT began evaluating alternatives to the company’s outdated Key System because that system offered no voice mail feature and it was tied into proprietary phones.

"IVT is growing and I don’t want to keep buying $300 telephones every time we add a new employee," he said.

Morgenstein evaluated other solutions currently being offered before he selected the CrystaLAN system.

"CrystaLAN combines the flexibility we need with the functionality we demand and gives us the best of both worlds," Morgenstein said. "I looked at other key systems similar to the one we were using, but they lacked flexibility, were difficult to configure, were proprietary and very expensive. Moreover, the so-called ‘integrated’ systems we evaluated didn’t allow us the flexibility to select best-of-breed network and computing hardware and standards-based technologies. Furthermore, the pure PC-based systems we considered lacked the reliability we demanded. With those systems, if the PC server goes down, the entire phone system goes down. The CrystaLAN IPBX ensures us that our phone service continues, even if our PC system dies."

George Dies, chief operating officer for Palo Alto Products International (PAPI), also evaluated a number of telephony systems and found the CrystaLAN voice communications system completely fit his company’s needs. PAPI’s rapid growth created a need for the company to replace its aging Centrex Service. The monthly costs of Centrex were increasing with the addition of each new employee and it offered limited functionality.

"In our business, our customers depend on our products to help keep their factories running," Dies said. "Therefore, we must be able to handle every call, every time and CrystaLAN is the only system we looked at that could guarantee that high level of reliability. Also, another big selling point was CrystaLAN’s GUI interface. With the click of the mouse I can perform many functions such as listen to my messages, get a history of the calls I’ve received, confidently transfer calls and instantly redial. These features are awesome."

Shoreline began volume shipments of the CrystaLAN voice communications system in early October 1998. The system’s use of open standards, including IP, Ethernet, TAPI, Java and HTML/HTTP, makes it a platform for the future. Unlike proprietary legacy systems and all-in-one chassis-based solutions, the CrystaLAN open architecture supports a best-of-breed approach, enabling companies to cost effectively manage their voice and data technology migration. CrystaLAN IPBX switches and server-based applications can be added to the network without impacting existing users, allowing companies to transparently scale the system.

About Shoreline Teleworks

Shoreline Teleworks brings the power and scalability of data networking to business voice communications. The company's CrystaLAN products combine the reliability of legacy PBX systems with standards-based computer telephony functionality and are available through data network VARs.

With a management team experienced in both voice and data communications and a strong financial consortium composed of Crosspoint Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, JAFCO America Ventures, Matrix Partners and Norwest Venture Partners, the company is creating a new category of business voice communications systems.

About IVT

Instant Video Technologies, Inc. headquartered in San Francisco, is the leading developer of burst-mode video and audio delivery software for networks and content providers. IVT’s Burstware enables high-quality faster-than-real-time delivery of full motion video & CD quality audio over networks of all types. For more information on IVT or Burstware, visit IVT’s Web site at

About PAPI

Palo Alto Products International is a full-service product development firm specializing in technology products for the computer, consumer, and high-technology markets. Its specialties include industrial design and mechanical engineering. The company also has manufacturing facilities for injection molding and sheet metal stamping. The first product development company to offer comprehensive product creation services, Palo Alto Products also designs and manufactures a line of standard and custom computer enclosures. Founded in 1983 as Palo Alto Design Group, the firm now has offices in Palo Alto, Taiwan, and The Netherlands, and is building a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Braunfels, Texas. For more information, visit Palo Alto Products’ Web site at

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