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Shoreline Teleworks Participating in QoS With Voice Over IP Demonstration at Extreme Networks Booth During N+I Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS, NV, May 11, 1999 - Shoreline Teleworks, the innovative leader of reliable IP-based voice communications systems for enterprise applications, is participating with Extreme Networks, a leading provider of Layer 3 switching systems, to demonstrate the benefits of Quality of Service (QoS) applied to Voice over IP (VoIP) applications during Networld + Interop.

In Extreme Networks’ booth (#5433), Shoreline’s CrystaLAN system, a distributed enterprise voice communications network, is connected using Extreme’s Networks’ award-winning Summit48 Enterprise Desktop Switch and the BlackDiamond core switch. N+I attendees are invited to place a call between two phones within the booth using the Shoreline/Extreme Networks network.

While the call is in progress, the link between the two phones will be purposely congested with traffic from a SmartBits traffic generator. When the congestion becomes severe, the quality of the call will deteriorate to a point where it becomes unintelligible. Extreme Networks will then activate the Policy-Based QoS capabilities in all the switches that deliver not only traffic prioritization but also bandwidth allocation to protect the voice traffic. Once Policy-Based QoS is activated, the quality of the call will be restored to the original toll quality that was observed prior to the introduction of the SmartBits Shoreline & Extreme Networks Demonstrate QoS traffic, which caused the congestion on the network.

"Supporting Voice over IP is becoming an important requirement for any Enterprise LAN," said Tony Lee, director of product marketing, Extreme Networks. "Shoreline has delivered a strong enterprise voice communication system that enables Extreme Networks to effectively demonstrate the Policy-Based QoS capability of our switches."

"QoS is an absolute requirement for any packet-based network to guarantee high quality voice traffic for enterprise users. Shoreline is at the forefront of developing enterprise IP Telephony applications, and we are pleased to be working with Extreme Networks to demonstrate voice over IP and QoS," said Steve Mullaney, vice president of marketing for Shoreline Teleworks.

In addition to the VOIP/QOS demonstration at the Extreme Networks booth, N+I attendees can also witness the Extreme Networks and Shoreline demonstration, hosted by Network Computing Magazine, in the lobby area in the main entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees can also see a comprehensive demonstration of the Shoreline CrystaLAN enterprise IP Telephony system at the Shoreline Teleworks booth.

About Shoreline Teleworks

Shoreline Teleworks was founded in 1996 to develop a solution that addresses the small- and medium-sized enterprise customer’s desired integration of voice and data networks. Shoreline has been shipping its IP-based CrystaLAN voice application since October 1998. The CrystaLAN system, which is sold exclusively through VARs, is an intuitive solution that is easy to install, use and manage by bringing the power and flexibility of data networking to voice communications.

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