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Shoreline Teleworks Unveils Call Management Software Designed to Obsolete PBX Operator Consoles

The CrystaLAN Advocate Software Supports High-volume and High-care Call Management Environments in Medium/Small Businesses
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, February 22, 1999 - Shoreline Teleworks, the innovative developer of network-based voice communications systems, today unveiled the CrystaLAN™ Advocate, flexible call management software that supports both high-care and high-volume environments in medium- and small-size companies. Unlike legacy operator consoles that are centralized, complex and expensive, the Advocate software redefines call management with a powerful, easy-to-learn interface that can be used anywhere by anyone who manages calls for others.

"The old model of a centrally located operator console based on proprietary hardware is out of step with today’s work environment," said Steve Mullaney, Shoreline’s marketing vice president. "Shoreline’s Advocate software solution is inexpensive and can be easily placed anywhere in an organization where live call administration is needed. The Advocate puts the company in the driver’s seat and allows each individual company to determine and control where live administrative call management is required for the business."

Complements Today’s Automated Call Handling Technologies

The innovation provided by today’s automated call handling technologies has forever changed how companies manage voice communications. The amount of live call administration versus the amount of automated call handling technology used varies from company to company. While automated call handling technologies such as auto-attendant, voice mail and direct inward dial lines have reduced the need for central system-wide operators, live call administrators continue to provide personal care in targeted areas within most organizations. The Advocate software allows a company to provide main operators, executive assistants and areas such as service departments with a solution that complements automated call handling technologies.

The CrystaLAN Advocate: A Flexible Solution for High-volume, High-care Environments

The Advocate allows companies to easily establish live call administrator capabilities in areas where personalized service is required. The Advocate’s graphical multi-call display and point-and-click call control interface are ideal for receptionists and operators who handle a high volume of incoming calls. The software is also particularly effective in high-care situations, such as customer service and technical support departments and for executive administrators. For those who support one or more corporate executives, the Advocate’s extension monitor window allows them to easily select and provide personalized service for any group of extensions.

Other capabilities of the Advocate’s sophisticated features include a window that displays destination extension information before the administrator transfers callers. This display lets administrators avoid transferring a caller to a destination that is active or configured as "out of the office." While the multi-call display shows all calls (up to 16) managed by the call administrator, the Advocate software also provides an overloaded call administrator the ability to immediately redirect all the backed-up calls to the auto-attendant.

Availability, Price and Configuration

The CrystaLAN Advocate software is available the first quarter of 1999 through Shoreline’s authorized resellers and runs on CrystaLAN systems at revision 1.1 or later. Suggested list price is $299 for a one-user license.

About Shoreline Teleworks

Shoreline Teleworks designs, manufactures and markets network-based voice communications systems for medium- to small-sized businesses. Its innovative CrystaLAN system, based on Internet Protocol (IP), is the new alternative to expensive, proprietary PBX, Centrex and Key systems. Shoreline Teleworks delivers an intuitive solution that is easy to install, use and manage by bringing the power and flexibility of data networking to voice communications.

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