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911 Enable

911 Enable

The Emergency Gateway (EGW) is an on-site appliance that automates and simplifies E911 management for enterprise UC systems. It reduces administrative efforts, ensures that IP phone locations are always up-to-date, and helps enterprises meet their E911 obligations. When 911 is dialed, the EGW determines the precise location of the caller based on the phone’s MAC address and delivers it to either the 911 Enable Emergency Routing Service (ERS) or the local carrier, for termination at the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).



  • Automatic IP Phone Discovery
  • E911 support for remote branches and teleworkers
  • On-site security desk routing and notification
  • Support for extension mobility and shared line appearance
  • Call recording


  • Simplifies E911 management
  • Ensures reliable E911 support for the entire workforce
  • Reduces emergency response times by notifying security staff
  • Simple and easy to deploy
  • Cost-effective

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