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Bell Canada

Bell SIP Trunking provides a gateway to the public switched telephone network through our IP network, allowing voice calls to run over a single data backbone through our core network. Bell SIP Trunking is offered over Canada’s largest and most advanced MPLS network, with 70% more points of presence than the nearest competitor and our Ethernet service leveraging the industry-leading Bell fibre optic network. Offering 99.999% reliability, your business stays up and running with SIP trunking from Bell.



  • Virtual and local presence across Canada over single access reduces cost of PRI backhauling.
  • Enhanced failover and overflow options across customer network.
  • Trunk pooling across our footprint enabling simplified call routing and optimized sip trunk utilization.
  • Enhanced reliability enabled through geographically diverse SIP Trunking nodes with inherent redundant components in each location.
  • Augmented capacity to meet immediate business needs compared to legacy connections.


  • New sites can be integrated faster and more efficiently.
  • Changes are software - enabled rather than needing to rely on the establishment of a physical trunk.
  • Best-in-class MPLS and Ethernet services provide high service availability for PSTN access.
  • Better call quality through elimination of IP to TDM / TDM to IP protocol conversions.
  • Reduced operational costs by enabling centralized SIP IPPBX deployments thus reducing the number of IPPBXs to manage and provision.
  • Optimal utilization of bandwidth by delivering voice and data over the same connection.

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