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CVT (Global) Pty Ltd

Periscope NextGen ITEMS provides advanced Call Accounting and Billing for SMB and Enterprise clients including processing the ShoreTel CDR and inclusion of service provider call usage data.
Periscope NextGen ITEMS assists ShoreTel users in the management of their telecommunications usage and the recovery of associated costs.
Periscope NextGen ITEMS streamlines data collection and service provider billing process. Within organizations there are often a number of different systems and processes in place to deal with the telecommunications bill management, Periscope NextGen ITEMS will consolidate these systems and processes into a single easy to use application.
Periscope NextGen ITEMS covers the following key areas:

  • Organization directory consolidation, 
  • Usage reports for areas such as Cost Center Administrators and Finance Department,
  • Enhanced reporting for management, billing and telecommunications analysis purpose.


  • Collate and process ShoreTel CDR 
  • Process service provider data copy bills 
  • Fully Web based system, supports multi-site
  • Auto-scheduled reports 
  • Dashboard for key data 


  • Recover telecoms costs from internal and external parties
  • Manage telecoms usage (save unnecessary costs)
  • Provide a compliance record of telecoms usage data 
  • Monitor trunk usage capacity
  • HR tool for managing staff time and usage

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