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Group of Gold Line

GLSIP is the SIP Trunking Product Offering developed by the Group of Gold Line. GLSIP utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol to deliver quality business communications services.  Traditionally businesses have subscribed to expensve PRI/T1 facilities from their Service Provider allowing them to interface to the PSTN.  Today however, companies are seeing the value of GLSIP and eagerly embracing the convenience and cost savings benefits of Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) as a unified solution for transmitting voice, data and video signals consistently, securely, effortlessly.


  • Enterprise Consolidation
  • Dynamic bandwidth Allocation
  • Virtual Number Presence
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Unified Communications¬†


  • Lower monthly cost for Trunking
  • More efficiently control bandwidth utilization based on your business needs
  • Increase your company reach and customer access
  • Unlike PRI/T1, circuit cuts or hardware failure can be eliminated based on design of the enterprise SIP network
  • Combine Voice, Video and Data applications into a single user experience

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