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ShoreTel Salesforce Call Reporting Service

SalesForce Call Reporting Service

Recommended for:

Any company using ShoreTel and Salesforce (Enterprise Edition or higher)


ShoreTel is now providing continuous, near real-time import of CDR to Salesforce. ShoreTel Call Detail Reporting (CDR) data is automatically correlated with Salesforce entities (Accounts, Contacts, Leads & Opportunities). ShoreTel's Call Reporting Service enables integrated ShoreTel/Salesforce analytics using Salesforce Reporting capabilities. With ShoreTel, you can capture missed calls, calls made via ShoreTel Mobility, and ShoreTel Workgroups within the Salesforce application. Our package includes six pre-built reports to track calls and call volume by user or by Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity. Pre-built reports allow for creation of a virtually unlimited number of customized reports


  • Gain unprecedented insight into business operations with sophisticated analytics
  • Leverage integrated ShoreTel/Salesforce analytics to refine business processes
  • Boost customer service and extend your competitive advantage by unleashing the full potential of the tools your workforce uses every day

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