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Cantaloupe Systems Case Study

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Case Studies

Small call center realizes big value with Mitel's hosted, managed cloud-based telephony solution

Cantaloupe System

Moving from a limited onsite system to a full-featured, hosted, and managed system

Cantaloupe Systems is a San Francisco-based software company that provides an all-in-one solution for vending, OCS, cashless, and more. Its 7-person call center manages 200,000 machines around the world, and needed disaster recovery and reporting to continue providing industryleading customer service and technical support.

In an earthquake-prone area, Cantaloupe Systems wanted a cloud-based, hosted and managed telephony system at competitive pricing

When it was clear that Cantaloupe Systems onsite system was not providing the modern telephony features and lacked reporting of any type, Kathy Erbes-Mrsny, Customer Care Manager at Cantaloupe Systems, began to review options. A reseller recommended and requested proposals from four telephony vendors.

“Based on the feedback regarding the level of support provided by Mitel, as well as the simplicity of getting reports, I really liked the Mitel interface and the hosted Mitel Sky product. It is so easy to use. And with an affordable price tag, Mitel was the obvious choice, considering it offered a user-friendly interface, robust reporting capabilities, and had an excellent reputation for service and support,” says Erbes-Mrsny.

Mitel Customer Care delivers outstanding support

The Cantaloupe Systems contact center and its seven agents receive between 50 and 100 calls a day. The calls are often half an hour to 45 minutes because agents help diagnose complex issues.

After hearing that Mitel offered outstanding support, Erbes-Mrsny continued her due diligence and called references. Her colleague, an industry insider, said, “If the cost fits you, you will not be unhappy with Mitel.” And that has held true.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, Mitel functionality is easy to understand. But when programming is beyond my comfort level, I reach out to the Mitel support line and get help. I’ve been very, very impressed with the caliber of the people I’m speaking to. They know their stuff,” explains Erbes-Mrsny. “Again, as a small company, I don’t want to dedicate somebody part or full time to telephony troubleshooting or administration.”

The ability to have agents work remotely is a convenience for employees. With the Mitel dashboard, Erbes-Mrsny can gain insight into agent productivity. The agents also like using softphones, which enables the agents to see information about who is on what call.

“We monitor agents on the overhead screen here in headquarters. It’s tied into each computer and displays the queues, the agents, and who’s on what call whether their status is green, yellow, red. So if they’re at lunch, in the middle of a call, or doing research, everyone knows and it helps ensure the work is evenly distributed,” says Erbes-Mrsny.

A world-class, hosted Mitel Sky VoIP system offers Cantaloupe Systems everything it hoped for, and more

“Mitel has a world-class phone system and support organization that runs 24x7. The person that helped us set up the system was excellent. We had very few issues. The Mitel Sky solution was priced competitively and I don’t have to become a Mitel authority to have an expert product at my fingertips,” says Erbes-Mrsny.

Mitel Sky reporting is also a hit. It delivers all the information a contact center manager could possibly want. “The reporting features have given us more visibility and transparency. I can see every call, where the calls come from and how long the calls last. I had none of this before. Now I can get phone stats with a push of a couple buttons,” explains Erbes-Mrsny. “For a management tool, it is unsurpassed.”

The company is adding another phone number and building out two new queues. The Cantaloupe Systems contact center agents also are looking forward to Salesforce integration, which is in the works.

“When anyone asks me about the Mitel Sky platform, all I can say is I love it, love it, love it, love it,” concludes Erbes-Mrsny. “How does it get any better than that?”


Replace an onsite telephony system with a hosted solution that fits within the perimeters of a small company budget. A dashboard for central management, as well as reporting that offers insights into agent productivity, are must have features.


The Mitel deployment included the hosted Mitel Sky VoIP system, Mitel Contact Center, IP400 series phones, remote management capabilities, and softphones.


  • Off-site hosted & managed system
  • Centralized management of workflow
  • Visibility to enable agents to work remotely
  • Call recording for QA and training

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